A Fast-track Biologically-based Laboratory Diagnostic Testing Program.

Through A Better Alternative Medical Center, you are now able to gain invaluable, cutting-edge health information regarding you and your family. Several unique medical lab tests are available to you here in Hackensack, New Jersey, some of which are virtually unavailable in adjacent New York State. Robin Ellen Leder, M.D. has years of experience in the interpretation of these tests and implementation of the results to yield powerful medical effects.

In this program, you will select one of the tests that interest you, fill out a health questionnaire, and meet briefly with the doctor, then proceed with testing. When your results return, you will be scheduled for a sixty minute appointment with the doctor to review and learn how to use the test results to improve your health. Depending on which test you choose, follow-up testing or visits may be prescribed, and other suggestions may be made. Those wishing to work on multiple tests will be directed to our traditional track to become regular patients of Dr. Leder.

***For those who live outside the Metropolitan New York area, the tests that are starred below are available to be drop shipped directly to your home by the respective labs, and using a similar protocol to that listed above, they can be interpreted by Dr. Leder by phone. A program based on your history and test results will be implemented. 


The innovative tests currently being offered in this program are the following:

IMMUNO "BLOODPRINT": A test of approximately 150 tests to discover your own specific food sensitivities, and learn how eating these foods may be impacting your health. It is not unusual to discover that those foods we consume the most are damaging to our health.
SPECTRACELL “FUNCTIONAL INTRACELLULAR ANALYSIS COMPREHENSIVE 5000”: A test to determine which nutrients and antioxidants you should be supplementing. This doesn’t test for your blood levels; using cutting-edge technology it actually determines your individual need for certain supplements. No more guesswork when it comes to which vitamin to take.

LABRIX/DOCTOR’S DATA: Neurotransmitter and adrenal testing.

GENOVA “HEAVY METAL TOXICITY TEST”: The environment is severely polluted. After you use special medicine that removes heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and arsenic from the tissues in the body where they hide, the lab is able to detect these metals in your urine, and report your “body levels”. Finding this out is the first step in detoxification of these hidden poisons, which, if left unattended can cause multiple symptoms and over time can have very grave health consequences.

GENOVA “COMPREHESIVE DIAGNOSTIC STOOL ANALYSIS with COMPREHENSIVE PARASITOLOGY”: A test to evaluate the “ecosystem” living in your colon. Are you digesting food properly, are you absorbing nutrients properly? Do you have enough “good bacteria” or too many potentially “bad bacteria”? Do you have parasites? All of this will be revealed in this classic stool test.

To find out more about each test, and the labs offering them, please visit their respective website links.

Please note: Before ordering this specialized testing for you, the doctor will need to see copies of your most recent basic blood work (including, minimally, complete blood count and blood chemistries). You should bring this with you on your first visit to the office. If you have not had basic blood work within the past 6 months, these tests will be drawn at the same time as your nutritional test is drawn or ordered. If you have insurance, we will use a lab that is covered by your insurance for this basic testing. 

There is no quicker, simpler way to start you and your family on the path to improved health, a path we are sure you will want to follow for life!