What makes us unique

With a wide range of services, a wealth of experience, and a long track record of therapeutic achievement at our office, there is truly no need for those of you in New Jersey to “cross the bridge” or “take the tunnel” to New York City to get the treatment you seek.


  • As Dr. Leder has been practicing integrative medicine since 1988, ours is the longest established M.D-run medical practice in Bergen County devoted exclusively to nutritionally-based integrative (functional) medicine
  • The only M.D. in North Jersey to be trained personally by Dr. Robert Atkins
  • Dr. Leder is licensed in New Jersey, New York, and Florida
  • Dr. Leder was Board Certified in chelation therapy for over twenty years ago.
  • Our IV therapist has over twelve years of IV and chelation experience.


  • In addition to her medical training, Dr. Leder has received specialized training in psychology, psychiatry, and psychoanalysis
  • Regular updates on the most current and innovative medical practices through attending specialized courses and workshops in the field


  • Offering a wide range of cutting edge nutritional/ biochemical tests from leading laboratories selected from across the nation
  • Treating all age groups, from pediatric to geriatric
  • Selecting/ordering nutrients, with a special discount for patients only.


In-depth patient visits ranging from 30 to 60 minutes.

  • Able to discuss and order alternative testing of interest to the patient
  • Patient calls are returned the same business day, and messages are retrieved twice daily
  • Regardless of the hour, all patients may be seen on the same business day if they have an emergency need to see the doctor
  • Saturday and evening hours are available
  • Submit to Medicare for our patients/Out-of-network coverage usually available
  • No penalty for rescheduling if patient wait time exceeds 30 minutes

Excellent results: success

  • Over 90% of our new patients come to us by referral
  • 85% of patient visits are repeats
  • >75% of patients have been in the practice for more than 5 years, some since our opening
  • More than 8000 IV’s delivered with 100% safety record
  • Recommended by many local health food stores and compounding pharmacies for past 20+ years
  • Over 95% satisfaction ratings on our in-house surveys
  • Overall consistently improved clinical outcomes with very rare use of pharmaceutical medications
  • >90% of those on medications who follow protocol are able to eliminate or reduce one or more of their medications

Innovative Therapies:

  • Nutritional and Psychological Counseling
  • Heavy Metal Chelation (lead and mercury)
  • EDTA Chelation (Chelation of the Coronary Arteries, and for Lead Removal)
  • Adrenal and Immunological Support
  • Complete Range of IV Therapies (incl. hydrogen peroxide)
  • Bioidentical Hormone Replacement
  • Plaquex (dissolve soft arterial plaque)
  • Thyroid (Wilson’s Protocol and Iodine)
  • Biomedical Treatment of Autism
  • Food/Allergen Desensitization
  • HCG Diet and Other Weight Loss Options
  • Homeopathic Counseling with GUNA homeopathic remedies
  • Addiction Reversal via NeuroRecover Approach