Our Staff

Going through the process of working on your health using a functional approach requires some special attention from an exceptional staff. Dr. Leder typically interviews many applicants each time she fills an office position to find staff that is articulate, knowledgeable, patient, and caring. Everyone’s goal is to assist you in you in making your office experience positive and flow smoothly.

Your contact begins with talking to a new patient coordinator who is well-versed in our approach and in the therapeutic use of nutrients. When you decide to become a patient, the front desk staff is there to answer all of your questions about specialized testing we do, and to coordinate your care. In addition, we are dedicated to handling your Medicare and other reimbursement concerns.

Intravenous and intramuscular therapies are the cornerstone of many of our treatments. This area is capably handled by Dr. Mahboob Baig, an Indian-trained physician and expert venipuncturist who has been doing office-based clinical therapy and chelation for over 12 years, and has delivered literally thousands of intravenous treatments. Dr. Baig is also a published researcher in the area of AIDS/HIV.