Patient testimonials

I have never known a doctor as wonderful as Dr. Leder. You can feel how much she really cares about you. She takes her time, never rushes you, and really listens to everything you have to say. She is very knowledgeable. - M.O.

When my husband first came to Dr. Leder, he was unable to function at all. Now, three months later, with a balance of traditional medicine and a cutting edge alternative protocol, we see a huge improvement. We cannot begin to thank Dr. Leder for her devotion, care, and brilliant expertise in treating her patients. Her kindness is truly amazing in addition to her treatment. -I.W.

Dr. Leder has helped transform my life. If a traditional doctor cannot solve your health problems and you are tired of all the medications, call Dr. Leder for an appointment. - L.S.

After my husband died, I became depressed and run down. I went in search of a good doctor, and Dr. Leder was the answer to my prayers. If you are not feeling well, no matter what it is that is making you sick, go visit Dr. Leder and I guarantee she will make you feel well again. E.C.

When I reached age 70, I was diagnosed with polymyalgia rheumatica. My weight was down to 132 pounds from 175 lbs and I had no energy. For two years, I consulted with rheumatologists, and took prednisone. I ballooned in weight. My skin became so dry that I had to consult a dermatologist. The Sed rate went down with prednisone and back up again when the dosage was lowered. I tried acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, as well as a Tibetan practitioner to help support my system. My RA factor kept climbing and until the rheumatologist said that the diagnosis now was Rheumatoid Arthritis and would have to take Methotrexate. I threw in the towel. It was time to stop. My wife insisted on trying one more alternative doctor as a last ditch effort. It was Dr. Leder. Our first appointment was in 2005, and I have been with her ever since. Through her careful and detailed analysis of my general health, she has prescribed vitamins, minerals, IV’s, and nutrients.. My Sed rate and RA factor have stabilized; my weight and energy levels are back to normal. No prednisone, no methotrexate, no toxic side effects. I have my life back. A.K.


I have been a patient of Dr. Leder’s since 1991. I have remained a patient over the years because she has been able to help me with my poor health when no family doctor could. I always tell my friends she saved my life with her treatment. - D.R.

I lived for many years with vague symptoms of never feeling quite right, but was never able to express my specific problems to a doctor. As a result, I always left a doctor’s office being told that I was fine. With continued frustration, I decided to seek out a doctor with an emphasis in a holistic approach and met with Dr. Leder. Through her personal and conscientious approach to improving my health, including specific vitamins, diet, exercise, and meditation, my mind is sharper, my skin tone has improved, my weight is down, my energy is up, and I can truly enjoy a quality of life into what is customarily called “old age”! - D.D.

Meeting Dr. Leder was a wonderful experience for me. Not knowing much about holistic medicine, Dr. Leder put me at ease and explained the difference between holistic and conventional medicine. Dr. Leder is very patient and non-judgmental. She uses the best approach in treating her patients concerns. - J.R.

I have been Dr. Robin Leder’s patient for the past seven years, and with her help and guidance I have achieved many positive results. Her knowledge about holistic medicine and medicine in general is extensive, and has enabled me to attain a measure of good health that I did not think was possible. I am fortunate to have a physician who not only gives excellent care, but is also caring, compassionate and always willing to listen. - E.M.

Dr. Leder -

A few lines to say: I appreciate you - Doctors, I’ve come across many, but none as real and unique as you - you care and you show it - Thank you, for treating the person I am as well as the patient you see before you - For that I appreciate you and I thank you - I thank G-d and the angels for guiding and lighting my path to you and ask blessings for you now and always.
— NB