gift coupons

With the advent of our website, we have created a special program just for our former patients. 

If you saw Dr. Leder in the past, you came to our office with health concerns and goals.  Perhaps you achieved them and moved on, perhaps other issues in life took precedence, and following your health regimen had to be put aside or deferred. Life happens. Maybe now is a good time to begin again, hence our “fresh start” program.

We have gifts for you that we hope may give you the incentive to start working on your health again, be it the original issues, a review and wellness visit, or some new issues that may have arisen since you were here last.  Click here now and you will find two gift coupons each providing substantial savings on your visit to A Better Alternative Medical Center.  The first is for you on your return, the second for a friend or family member.  Simply print your coupon out, call the office to set up your appointment, and you will receive assistance in filling it out fully and an authorization code to record on the coupon. You may download the second coupon multiple times to enable your whole family to be seen at a discount.

From Dr. Leder and the staff, we welcome you back to our practice.