Patient supplement order program

Feel a little overwhelmed having to shop for all of your prescribed supplements, organize them, and then take them multiple times a day?

When supplements are ordered by the doctor, or need to be re-ordered, you let us know at the front desk.

  • You fill out order forms for what you wish to buy. Then, we contact the vendors who have these items, and order them all for you using your credit card information, and have all products drop shipped to you or to us, as you wish.
  • In ordering, we use several sources. Certain physician-only products items can only be obtained through our special physician resources.  These resources provide quality assured pharmaceutical grade supplements exactly as ordered.
  • It is our intent that the rates you will pay are consistent with the discounted rates found on-line; which would in most cases provide a savings over ordering them yourself. (Savings depend on the size of the order, as there is nearly always a small shipping fee added by most vendors.) If you find lower online rates, show us and we will follow up on this information as best we can.
  • For most supplement lines, you may continue to order the yourself once the program has started for as long as you wish, but for some, our ordering at the desk may prove to be more cost effective as well as more convenient.

The numbers to those distributors with whom you will have ordering privileges are:

Moss Nutrition: 

Natural Dispensary: 

Emerson Ecologics: 

Neurorelief NeuroScience: 

You need only explain that the vitamins have been prescribed by Dr. Leder and this will give you full access to the high quality products you seek. 

Setting Up Your Supplements for Consistent Use

We suggest that you organize all of your supplements, using a divider vitamin box, labeling each section individually.  Your entire customized program may be written clearly and affixed onto the inner lid of your box. 

With this approach, you will: 
- eliminate guesswork
- eliminate the need to open and close jars all day
- eliminate the need to carry jars around with you, even when you travel
- eliminate the need to set up daily “Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday boxes”

You simply pour in a good number of pills into each well and you are “good to go” anywhere for up to weeks at a time. This approach will help you stay on track, be consistent, and make the progress you want to make.

This is the way Dr. Leder has found most useful for her patients to organize their programs and execute them EFFECTIVELY!  She would like all of her patients to succeed with this type of box set up.