Platinum Concierge Service Level

A fully comprehensive level of service for you and your family
If you are fully dedicated to your health and need to have access to services quickly, need to have any extra work associated with doctors’ visits and insurance companies lifted from your shoulders, we have a plan available to you and your family that will suit you perfectly.

We offer a program whereby, for a yearly retainer fee, you are entitled to the following services:

  • All of the office visits you need for the year
  • Intravenous therapy of any sort (there is a fee for supplies only)
  • Intramuscular therapy as required
  • House call visits as needed in the towns where this service is offered (an additional travel fee is applicable)
  • Guaranteed same day service and follow-up on requests or on scheduling visits
  • Submittal of your insurance and follow up if insurance requires this
  • Blood draw services for all tests

    This superior level of service is a wonderful way to insure that you and your family will have easy, stress-free access to the healthcare you want and deserve.

    Please inquire about this plan when you call or visit the office.