holistic housecalls

Beginning this year, Dr. Leder is offering a unique opportunity that seems possibly a more “organic” fit to holistic work than office visits, namely, providing her services to you right where you live or work.

Dr. Leder says: “In truth, there is no reason why most of the procedures we provide in my Hackensack office cannot be done privately, conveniently and quietly in the home. Taking your history, examining and testing you thoroughly, discussing lifestyle habits, and providing counseling on making better choices, all of the first steps in creating better health and a balanced life, can very easily be done on site without leaving your house. This is a wonderful way to upgrade and maintain the health of en entire busy family on the go, a husband or wife for whom an office visit would be burdensome.

This can likewise be done at the workplace, and is an ideal way to evaluate and optimize the health of a group of executives or all employees at the workplace." 

While many tests can be done at home, certain tests may require an office visit or a visit to a local lab or radiology facility. Most treatments can be provided at home as well.

*Please note that there is an additional fee added to our regular office charges when a physician or medical technician visits your home, so if you are able to come to the office personally, this will be more cost effective.  

*Also note that if several people are examined on the same off-site visit, the additional fee will only be added once, so this may be a reasonable approach in treating a busy couple, a family, or a group of colleagues at a place of business.

*Also note that some visits can be handled via Skype or phone; this is dependent upon what needs to be addressed during that specific visit.  Our intent is to make treatment both affordable and convenient.

To schedule your home visit, or inquire about fees and/or services available at home, please contact or call the office at 201-525-1155.