Bio Identical Hormones

Ever since Dr. Leder began her career in clinical medicine, she has incorporated the use of hormones formulated in the lab to exactly mimic natural body hormones into her treatment protocols.  These so-called “bio-identical hormones”, derived from plant sources, have come increasingly into the spotlight since the commonly used pharmaceutical preparations were found to present serious health risks in a highly publicized study several years ago.

From beginning to end, each patient works one-on-one personally with the doctor to create a program ideally suited to his or her needs. First, Dr. Leder gathers information from her patients, both male and female, to determine the potential value of hormones in each individual case and whether there is an interest or an openness on the part of the patient to this powerful therapeutic tool.  After appropriate tests are done, a discussion ensues to define the very best protocol, based on medical factors, preferences, convenience, and cost.

The doctor encourages her patients to consider the benefits of using a full spectrum of hormones, as hormones are physiologically interdependent, and known to work in concert. Estradiol, estriol, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, pregnenolone, and HGH are all considered in the creation of a protocol, and a review of the thyroid and adrenals is strongly advised.  The goal in prescribing is to bring all hormones into a harmonious balance.

In the context of viewing each patient as a whole, Dr. Leder places emphasis not only on symptom relief but also on safety, longevity, and overall quality of life. Therefore, in tandem with the hormone regimen, and just as equally important, a program has been established to optimize the safety of the hormone protocol, so that it’s benefits can be enjoyed for many years with maximal safety.