BIOMEDICAL PROTOCOLS for the treatment of Spectrum disorders

In 1999, Dr. Leder attended her first lecture on the biomedical treatment of autism and other spectrum disorders. The focus at that time was on nutrient therapies, enzymes, and secretin, and the presentations about their effectiveness were moderately positive. More importantly though, there was a lot of excitement and optimism about the new developments in this rapidly emerging field. In 2004, Dr. Leder followed upon this to take the clinician’s course, which she has repeated since, along with a course in the use of hyperbaric oxygen.  Bringing her years of alternative, psychological and autism training to bear, she began to see patients on the spectrum regularly at her Hackensack office.


“Since my first DAN! Conference in 1999, the “biomedical” treatment of spectrum disorders has indeed evolved dramatically – discussion of methylation and B-12 shots, more on Candida and it’s interface with chelation, PK flushes, PANDAS, Hyperbaric Oxygen, novel anti- inflammatory approaches, new twists on diet – all making one thing quite clear: As this area continues to evolve, yesterday’s treatment is not enough for today's new group of kids. And, as Dr. Kenneth Bock points out in his classic book for parents, the applications of the treatment approach laid out by autism researchers and practitioners are not limited to spectrum disorders alone – the work applies to asthma, ADD, and the implications of the research and methodology carry far beyond these boundaries to affect my practice as a whole. As always, I continue to learn from my patients and their parents as we work together . I am forever grateful for the opportunity to do this innovative and much needed work with my young patients and their dedicated families.”